MatFre Skills

Knowledge base:

  • Languages: C, C++, C#, Objective-C, Javascript, jQuery, Python and Scripting

  • Markup: HTML, XML, YAML, JSON

  • Infrastructure: VisualStudio (WPF, WCF), XCode, Jenkins, CasperJS, Non-SQL Databases: MongoDB, CouchDB, Git

  • Platforms: Windows, IOS, Linux

  • Applications: Web Services, Regression Testing, Embedded

Recent Projects:

  • Interoperability and regression testing of software using large array of VMs managed by Jenkins. Test functionality provided by Python, Javascript and Groovy scripting

  • Web Site/Service testing using PhantomJS and CasperJS test frameworks

  • Web sites integrating Bootstrap 3 and Javascript with remote WCF Service and MongoDB database

  • Highly secure Web Service delivering trusted content to subscribers integrating USB security dongle with WCF service for content delivery and management and a WPF client viewer